Artist statement


Midge Johnson is an abstract expressionist painter working in mixed media.  She strives to use color and texture to evoke a feeling of movement and connection to the world around her.  Her recent work will be shown during 2020 at her debut solo art show at The Monmouth County Art Alliance in Redbank, NJ.  Her paintings reflect her interpretation of complex emotions and states of being.

 “For me, painting is about the process, not the outcome.  It is a tool to explore and express the connection of my inner world to the outer world.  My process begins with setting an intention to express both conscious and unconscious emotions.  Playing with color and texture, using collage pieces, scraping, sanding, using tools other than brushes all help to set down these feelings on to the artwork.  Often my inspiration comes from vivid dreams, the state of the world and my personal state of being.  I always seek joy, and I allow the painting to form on its own, with each mark informing the next mark. I am simply present.” 

For acrylic paintings, Midge works on hardboard rather than canvas, making marks using tools that may be unconventional,  such as items from a toolbox, sewing kit, kitchen utensils,fishing lures, cake decorating, hardware store items, coffee   crystals, corks, fabric, etc. She builds up many layers to create depth, then often sands or scrapes them away, revealing what came before.  She loves to splash and drip paint, and always adds line with pen and ink.  She regards line as a powerful expression of moving from one place to another, sometimes directly and sometimes along a winding or even circuitous path.  In her art as in life, she never knows where the line may lead.  Painting is a meditative experience for her and has been a catalyst for personal growth and social awareness.